Of Greek origin with the meaning of “grace”, the name of my fine art and design studio – KARIS – is pronounced KARE-iss. Chosen in memory of my first endurance horse, a purebred Arabian named “Karis Conquest”, Karis is the perfect name for my art studio as much of my fine artwork features the most graceful of animals, the horse.

Drawing horses was my favorite artistic endeavor as a child and today I still love to draw them. In addition to commissioned and original artwork of horses, dogs and other subjects, I produce limited edition fine art prints and note cards from many of my original drawings.

I am primarily a self taught artist, though I have taken occasional workshops and classes in drawing and watercolor painting. I am a founding member of the Virginia Equine Artists Association and a member of the Institute for Equine Artists.

Contact: kcw @ karisstudio.com ♦ (540) 420-6785